Video: Before/After Mt Helix Fluff Stage

Infusion Home Design can stage with YOUR furniture and decor — what we call a “fluff stage”. In this Mt Helix home we rearranged some of the owner’s decor, brought in some extra staging pieces from our own inventory, recommended what to repaint and what to leave… a mix of expert services only we provide! Notice in the last BEFORE/AFTER segment all we had to do was reposition the owner’s furniture to make that gorgeous picture window and view more accessible — a simple change that completely changed the appeal of the room. Call us today, we list, we stage, we SELL! +1 619 840 7979

Video: Infusion Home Design Can Stage With YOUR OWN Furniture!

Infusion Home Design (Cynthia’s staging company) recently prepared a home to list in the Bay Ho neighborhood of San Diego. The team completed what we call a “fluff/stage”. A fluff/stage mixes the homeowner’s furniture and decor with pieces from IHD’s vast staging inventory. What are the benefits of a fluff/stage? Homeowners don’t have to move everything out during the listing, the price can be less than a full stage, and you are still getting full sales value from our expert staging and decorating! Call today for a quote: Cynthia Lingg (619) 840 7979.